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The traditional skills of the blend masters have been employed to telling effect in the production of a wide range of whiskies, which delights the palate of connoisseurs. The flagship brands ‘Highbury Classic Whisky’ & ‘Bellwether Whisky’ are exceptional blends of imported malts and pure grain spirits. ‘Newton Seaward Whisky’, ‘Neptune Whisky’, ‘Old Bill Whisky’, ‘Old Soldier Whisky’ and ‘Classic Delight Whisky’ are offered in different exquisite blends and types of packaging at varying price point.



The Vodkas ‘NEON’ & ‘Friday Night’ have gained unmatched popularity in all markets wherever offered. ‘NEON’ Vodka in fourteen flavours is nonpareil (Orange, Lemon, Apple, Pineapple,Mango, Guava, Cranberry, Raspberry, Strawberry, Peach, Vanilla, Chocolate, Coffee and Tea). Multiple distilled grain neutral spirits and extra pure demineralised water are expertly infused with the choicest of flavours making these brands a runaway success.



HEH brands of rum, born as a result of intense passion and immense skills are a tribute to the abilities of expert blend masters. The major brands offered are ‘Pelican‘, ‘Western‘ and ‘Unicorn’ Rum.



The brandies bring into play the  complex art of marrying the superior matured grape spirit with the best of grain neutral alcohol in a blending process that is the exclusive purview of the Blend Master. ‘Haze XO Brandy‘ is a complex blend which brings forth fruity flavours with a tinge of honey and vanilla. This outstanding product comes in a rare unique mono-carton. ‘Sonata Regalia Brandy‘ with its intense bouquet of superior grape spirit is offered in an attractive mono-carton and commands a leading position in its category of brandy. ‘Gold Crest Brandy‘ a market leader in the premium segment is made of a blend of superior grape spirits and excellent grain spirits. ‘Old Mansion Brandy‘ and ‘Honey Guide Brandy‘ complete the brandy portfolio.



Juniper berry extracts expertly blended with the choicest of herbs and botanicals to perfection give the best in class finesse, distinct aroma and a rich finish to ‘Pink Mystique‘ London Dry Gin and ‘Western‘ Extra Dry Gin.

Ready To Drink


The large repertoire of beverages also includes products like Café Liqueur/Rum, Ginger Infused Liqueur, Coconut Liqueur and other ready to drink specialty spirits that cater to niche market demands.