About Highbury

About Highbury


What is a whisky? Is it just a marriage of malts and spirits? Or is it much more?….. Yes.

Every bottle of Highbury Classic is a testament to the incredible journey of Charles Victor, the man behind this unique and special blend. A native of Green Bay Wisconsin, living above his grandmother’s tavern, he developed a strong and abiding interest in the art of making and blending spirits which became his lifelong passion and commitment. The skills he developed over a lifetime of experimentation, his travels to Bourbon and whisky producing regions of the United States and Scotland placed him on par with master blenders of repute worldwide. His blends and formulas today testify on a commercial scale at Hartford Eastern Holdings.

Highbury Classic whisky which he perfected over a period of time was one of his best rendition. Charles was fascinated by the ways in which America produced bourbon and Tennessee whiskies. Enamored with the intense flavors and bold profiles of bourbon, he devoted a significant part of his life studying and perfecting the art. During his numerous visits to Scotland he was inspired by the specific and controlled Scottish way of whisky making and how time creates the magical liquid gold that is characterized by depth over intensity. He soon understood that the stark differences of these two styles have stood the test of time independently.

The tale comes to a conclusion at the shores of Goa. During his many visits to this beautiful seaside state, he quickly realized that Goa is a merger of cultures… The Americans and the Europeans alongside Indians all side by side enjoying the relaxed Goan lifestyle with sun, sand and incredible food. He was convinced that Goa because of its unique blend of cultures is the ideal place to employ his skills and make his dreams come true of creating and capturing a blend that pays homage to bourbon and scotch culture equally. His attention fell to skillfully combining the latest technologies in Grain Spirit distilling and malt blending unfettered by the limitations imposed by centuries old technologies and strict mandates demanded by bourbon and scotch manufacturing.

The result was the creation and birth of Highbury Classic, The Modern whisky, product of a superior technology and blending; fusion of the best from the east and the west to give the connoisseur something different and what the traditional cannot offer. It’s unique ability to integrate the hand-picked Scottish Malts and batch produced Indian grain spirits thus reflecting the intensity and depth of bourbon while packing the finesse and smoothness of seasoned Scotch giving generous satisfaction in every sip.

Come, celebrate the devotion and life long work of a self taught genius ….… His Journey is tasted best as neat or chilled over ice.

Tasting Notes



Grain and caramel biscuits, hints of berries and a touch of peat.


Raisins and stone fruits with hints of cinnamon spice and a dash of vanilla rounded off with oakwood.


Honey, smoke and a pleasant lingering peppery finish.