Hartford Eastern

Holdings LLC, USA

Our Story

Historically the human race has been making alcoholic beverages for millennia which means that the methods and sources are vast and varied. At Hartford Eastern Holdings (HEH), we wholeheartedly embraced the challenge of making a good whiskey that can pass the test of connoisseurs. After years of perfecting our craft, the master distillers at HEH continue to push the envelope to maintain the gold standard they have established.

Today, HEH products are among the fastest growing brands in the industry occupying shelf space at many retail stores across the world and pleasing the palates of countless consumers.

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About the Master Blender:

About the master blender: Charles Victor, a native of Green Bay, Wisconsin, infuenced by the American methods of whiskey production, set out to produce his own unique blend. His determination and perseverance that embodies the “American” enthusiasm resulted in a product which has a distinctive appearance and crowd pleasing unforgettable sense of taste. HEH became the familiar name that it is today because of his belief in his creations. After much sampling and hundreds of trials the final perfected blends of Charles are now enjoyed in many countries around the world. From a large crowded celebration to an intimate gathering of friends, Charles thought of it all …..layering depth, smoothness and a consistent pleasing sense of taste for an enjoyable drinking experience.

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Our Distillery

Set In the erstwhile Portuguese colony and current Indian state of Goa, Blue Ocean Beverages (BOB) ,which is the bottling plant for HEH products, is a leading name that manufactures and markets some of the stellar alcoholic beverage brands in the country. Charles chose BOB specifically to bring his brands to life since it offered everything he looked for to create the magic: the essence of the sea in the air, pure natural resources and an appreciation of small batch craft.

We at HEH and BOB invite you to Goa to enjoy the susegado way of life. For details contact :[email protected]